Blast Shelter Restoration Project

First Stages of Work

The first stages of work were carried out to restore the basic building fabric and interior. 

Five old broken school desks were salvaged and put away to be restored into two sound desks.

Exterior work included waterproofing the roof, fitting new doors, and laying down pathways for safe public access.

Interior work started with new lighting and surface painting.


Continued Restoration

Further interior work included new damp proof flooring and replica bench seating as in the original layout.

To comply with current health and safety laws it was also necessary to install modern safety equipment and notices.


Restoration Completed

Having completed the building restoration in time for our 70th anniversary it was now possible to install a range of genuine artefacts.

These include the school log book, medals, clothing, toys, books and photos from World War Two. There is also a fully equipped multimedia teaching area.