Plan Your Visit




We welcome planned visits from schools, local community groups and individuals with a personal interest in local history. The Curator/Access and Learning Officer (Mrs Lawrence) will organise your experience and facilitate all aspects of your visit.


You will need to:

  • choose your date;
  • decide on your classes / groups -  for older children smaller groups of about 15 students are ideal

                                                 -  for younger classes no more than 30 children;                                      

  • think about what format of visit / lesson you would like

                                                 -  watching films and listening to music, taking notes, sketching artefacts

                                                 -  take your own lesson in this unique atmosphere;

  • decide on which areas of the curriculum you would like to cover.


Please note a small fee will be charged per visitor and the Blast Shelter will be closed during the winter months. 


Stanburn School looks forward to meeting you at our unique venue. To arrange and discuss your visit please click here.